PGI Global Compensation Plan

PGI Global Compensation Plan

PGI Global Cryptocurrency Trading Compensation Plan

1. Daily Trading Earnings

2. Referral Commissions or Bonuses

a) Direct Referral Bonus

b) Binary Bonus

c) Boost Up Bonus

3. Renewal Bonus

1. Daily Trading Earnings

PGI Global pays daily crypto trading earnings of 1.0% up to 3% and members can withdraw their earnings weekly.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $50 whereas the maximum withdrawal amount is 50% of the single largest investment value. The withdrawal fee is 8%.

Contract terminates upon reaching 200% earnings on an active investment or after 200 days.

Members can reinvest in a package within 30 days of termination of a contract if they wish to continue earning.

2a) Direct Referral Bonus

Participation in PGI Global's network marketing, affiliate referral program will earn you commissions or bonuses based on your purchased package.

You will earn a percentage on each personal referral based on the sales volume generated and on the package type that you purchased.

- If you purchased a Silver Package, you will earn 6%

- If you purchased a Gold Package, you will earn 8%

- If you purchased a Platinum Package, you will earn 10%

- If you purchased a Titanium Package, you will earn 12%

2b) Binary Bonus

To qualify to earn Binary Bonuses, members must have 1 direct referral on the left and 1 direct referral on the right.

To provide a safety net, the 1st pair of referred members are not included in the Binary Bonus commission.

Members will receive a minimum of 8% commission daily on the points volume generated from the smaller right or left team.

The maximum Binary Bonus per day will depend on the highest existing package of the account.

- Silver Package Account will earn 8% Binary Bonus.

- Gold Package Account will earn 8% Binary Bonus.

- Platinum Package Account will earn 8% Binary Bonus.

- Titanium Package Account will earn 10% Binary Bonus.

2c) Boost Up Bonus

PGI Boost Up Bonus

Boost Up is an increase of 2% on your regular Direct referral Bonus and your Binary Bonuses which means you enjoy higher income.

When you sponsor two new members into PGI Global (one on the Right leg and another on the Left leg) within 30 days from the date of your membership activation, wherein these 2 new members bought entry packages EQUAL or HIGHER than your current highest package, you automatically qualify in the reward program for Boost-Up.

Boost up only happens once with whatever is your current package. When you upgrade your package, your boost-up percentage remains as is.

For example, you made your boost-up when you purchased a Silver Package, meaning your Direct Referral bonus becomes 8%. When you upgrade to a Gold Package, your Direct Referral bonus will remain 8%.

3. Renewal Bonus

All member's package agreements end when the package has reached 200% trading bonus.

Members must purchase new agreements within 30 days to continue earning direct referral and binary bonuses.

PGI Global Trading Earnings and Bonus Payouts

PGI Global allows weekly withdrawals of earnings. The minimum withdrawal per week is $50. Maximum withdrawal amount is 50% of the value of the members single highest package.

Fee for withdrawal to the wallet is 8% whereas fee for withdrawal to agreement fund for re-investment is 5%.

A member can withdraw using either their Trading or Network wallet (not both) per cut-off sum. Agreement Fund is used to purchase new agreements.

Trading and Pairing bonus earned during withdrawal time is not added to your wallet. However, trading and binary bonus will be posted to your wallet once withdrawal is closed.

Withdrawal is every Sunday 12 am to 11 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time).

PGI Global Compensation Plan

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