The Value of Bitcoins to Online Exchanges

The Value of Bitcoins to Online Exchanges

Bitcoin provides an effective online approach to transferring money. It is considered the first-ever digital currency that is controlled by a decentralized network.

Over the years, Bitcoin has developed transparent regulations with several options to many central bank-controlled fiat currencies. Recently, there have been discussions regarding the Bitcoin's pricing while exploring how the digital currency's price will be in case investors embrace its widespread adoption globally.

Valuing Currencies as a Medium of Exchange

Let us take a backseat for a while to understand the value of existing currencies. Today, Bitcoin and other digital currencies are considered fiat money's alternatives in conducting financial transactions. However, are you aware of the value that any available currency provides in the market?

Any currency stores value or can be counted on to keep its relative value for an extended period without depreciating or declining its value. Throughout history, societies in the past used to barter or undergo the exchange of commodities or precious metals as a payment method with stable value.

Eventually, instead of requiring people to bring huge quantities of cocoa beans, gold, or old forms of currency, societies shifted to minted currency as an appropriate alternative. Today, several minted currencies are still being used as they are reliable stores of value. They are made of high-quality metals with long shelf lives and limited risk of depreciation.

The Introduction of Paper Money

In recent times, minted currencies have been created in the form of paper money. This may not be the same with coins that have intrinsic value and sourced from precious metals. After many years passed, many people today start engaging in electronic currency transactions and digital payment methods like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Many currencies widely circulated are highly dependent as 'representative' or mode of payment where every coin or note is directly used in exchange for a specific commodity based on its value.

As most countries look for options with the same value as the gold standard, this effort is intended to curb concerns regarding issues on federal gold supplies. As a result, many global currencies are created as fiat. A fiat currency is government-issued money that is not specific to any commodity. Instead, individuals and governments agree that they will accept the fiat currency as a medium of exchange between countries.

At present, many popular global currencies are in fiat form. Most governments and societies consider fiat currency's reliability with the least susceptibility to decline or lose value over time. Others are beginning to embrace the use of digital currencies like Bitcoin.

Criteria of Successful Bitcoin and Fiat Currencies

The key criterion for a successful currency is the store of value. Also, there are other qualifications that a reliable currency must meet like scarcity, utility, divisibility, transportability, counterfeitability, and durability. Let us evaluate all these qualities.

Scarcity or limited supply. Supply is a major tool to maintain the currency's value. When there is a huge supply of money, this could lead to an increase in the prices of commodities and cause an economic collapse. At the other end of the spectrum, a limited money supply may also bring economic issues.

Monetarism is a macroeconomic concept that seeks to provide the function of the money supply in the fields of health and growth and development or lack of them in an economy.

Regarding fiat currencies, most global governments are printing money to minimize the scarcity of the money supply. Many governments work with a preset inflation level. This is vital in driving down the value of the fiat currency. In the U.S. alone, for example, this rate has been about 2%. In bitcoin, this works differently, which shows a flexible issuance rate that can be modified over time.

Divided into mini units. Currencies are functional when they are divisible into smaller incremental bits. For any currency system to be used as a medium of exchange for all available goods and commodities in a specific economy, it should be flexible when relating to the divisibility principle. The currency should be properly divisible to accurately reflect the goods' or service's value found in the economy.

Utility. For its effectiveness, a currency should be known for its utility. People should reliably exchange the currency for goods and services. This is the reason currencies are created so that market buyers do not need to barter directly for their desired products. Also, utility highlights that currencies can be easily transferred from one area to another. Precious metals and goods that have problems do not easily achieve this stipulation.

Hassle-free transfer. Useful currencies can be easily transferred between members of the economy. Among fiat currencies, this stresses that any currency should be easily transferable in a specific country's economy and through an exchange between nations.

Reliable and durable. An effective currency should be durable. When coins or notes use poor raw materials that can be easily damaged, degraded, or destroyed, they make them unusable, which means they are not enough.

Not easily copied or created. Aside from the currency's durability, it should never be easy to counterfeit to keep its effectiveness. Otherwise, third parties with malicious intent could disrupt the currency process using fake bills or tokens, thereby this can harm the value of the currency in the market.

Digital Money to Substitute Future Bank Transactions, Blockchain Executive

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