Who is PGI Global?

Who is PGI Global

Praetorian Group International (PGI) Global consists of an ecosystem of services and products that provide any individual a foundation for financial growth and stability and a stable health and wellness.

PGI Global ecosystem consists of the following products and services;

1. Crypto Trading with Networking Program and Binary Compensation Plan

2. Forex Trading

3. Blockchain Education

4. Cryptocurrency ATM / POS

5. E-Commerce

6. Health Products

7. Health Gadgets

8. Visa Debit Cards

PGI Global has corporate offices in 4 continents of the world namely Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

PGI Global's priority is to provide a commitment of transparency in compliance and security of the funds that are being administered.

PGI Global Trade provides transparency in all Bitcoin Fund Management with strong compliance, KYC and AML legislation.

PGI Global's most popular service is the Crypto Trading platform with Networking Program and Binary Compensation Plan. This program has a very attractive, easy to understand and fair compensation plan.

Here's how You Can Join PGI Global Trading Program

To join PGI Global's Trading Program, you need to purchase one of the packages and enter a contract for ;

Silver Package Group

- $100 Worth of Bitcoin

- $300 Worth of Bitcoin

- $500 Worth of Bitcoin

Gold Package Group

- $1,000 Worth of Bitcoin

- $5,000 Worth of Bitcoin

- $10,000 Worth of Bitcoin

Platinum Package Group

- $20,000 Worth of Bitcoin

- $50,000 Worth of Bitcoin

- $100,000 Worth of Bitcoin

Titanium Package Group

- $500,000 Worth of Bitcoin

- > $500,000 BTC Without Limit

PGI Global Cryptocurrency Trading Compensation Plan

PGI Global Binary Bonus Compensation

1. Daily Trading Earnings (or Bonus)

2. Referral Commissions or Bonuses

a) Direct Referral Bonus

b) Binary Bonus

c) Boost Up Bonus

3. Renewal Bonus

Click here for full details about PGI Global's Compensation Plan

PGI Global Corporate Recognition Gifts

PGI Global Trade recognises and gifts it's members handsomely for their hardwork in networking and referring new investors to the company. PGI rewards it's highly successful members with various Praetorian Guard ranks.

The PGI Global Corporate Praetorian Guard Recognition Ranks are as follows;

1. Praetorian Guard JADE

2. Praetorian Guard AQUAMARINE

3. Praetorian Guard OPAL

4. Praetorian Guard TANZANITE

5. Praetorian Guard RUBY

6. Praetorian Guard EMERALD

7. Praetorian Guard DIAMOND

8. Praetorian Guard BLUE DIAMOND

9. Praetorian Guard BLACK DIAMOND

10. Praetorian Guard CROWN DIAMOND

Click here for details about the prizes given to the various Praetorian Guard ranks.

Ultimate Purpose of PGI Global

The ultimate purpose of PGI Global is to give to the community. 5% of PGI Global's profits goes to community programs.

PGI Global Trade provides an opportunity to help those less fortunate. PGI provides a customizable program to either support a charity of a teams choice in a country of choice or source other appropriate options.

The PGI Global program allows PGI members to host events for a good cause. To choose and assist organizations that work to improve different facets of health & wellness, education, environment and business of communities. It's a platform that allows members to empower themselves and other people for the benefit of society in general.

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